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Virtual Communications is proud to offer an economical and
easy to install alternative to the LPFM Broadcast industry

Available in 1KW or 3KW

The Dominator antenna is a high gain vertically polarized .82 wave Coaxial J-pole Broadcast Antenna with a highly efficient Teflon insulated gamma match that eliminates any coils or matching transformers. This allows us to shunt feed the .82 wave main radiator while keeping it DC grounded for added lightning protection; additionally this gives the antenna ability to handle high power levels.

The standard model is available with a gold pin Teflon insulated weatherproof N or SO-239 connector recommended for up to 1 KW input. Higher power versions are also available such as our 3 kilowatt using a Teflon 7/16" DIN connector and heavy-duty gamma match.

An important factor is the coaxial cone at the base of this
J-pole that allows us to go beyond the standard 1/2 wave
and 5/8 wave designs by forcing the angle of radiation down
on the horizon.

The Dominator is professionally manufactured using high
grade 6063 magnesium alloy aluminum tubing. This antenna is currently in use by hundreds of stations around the globe from Alaska to South America; it has proved itself to withstand severe weather while providing a strong reliable signal.

The Dominator also offers unique possibilities, like emergency
or temporary situations due to the seamless installation. Be prepared for the unexpected as changes in weather patterns can cause a severe weather system to strike at anytime.

Don't spend thousands of dollars for a complex multi bay antenna system only to encounter a difficult installation process, that will provide poor coverage and output.

The Dominator is available in both 1 KW and 3 KW models.


1KW Model $349.00
3KW Model



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Beware of poorly constructed clones that look similar
 to the DominatorĀ® FM Broadcast Antenna

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Dominator NWE-34 radiation
currents displayed in CST.

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