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FM Broadcast Antennas


Dominator 6M & 10M
5/8 Wave 6 Meter Antenna


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Polarization Information

Dominator NWE-34 radiation
currents displayed in CST.
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Virtual Communications is proud to offer Quality,
Custom Made, High Gain Broadcast Antennas.

All antennas are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee
shipped FREE anywhere in the United States!

Guaranteed to out perform any single antenna currently available!

Dominator FM

Dominator 6 & 10M

Broadcast Antenna

5/8 Wave

The Dominator FM Broadcast Antenna
is a .82 wave coaxial base antenna providing many advantages.

Offering an ideal low cost alternative
to the LPFM market and FM Broadcast industry that does not skimp on performance or reliability.

Additionally the installation is virtually painless and simple enough for the amateur hobbyist with the ability
to handle the power of a world
class broadcast station.

The Dominator 6 Meter Antenna
fills the need for a powerful omni-
directional antenna to be used in the
50 to 54 MHz amateur radio band.

The awesome heavy construction
used in this 5/8 wave design makes
it ideal for repeater use and provides
noticeable gain over a half wave.

This antenna will unleash new levels
of performance in your 6 meter equipment with the ability to work
excellent DX through an omni directional antenna.

A 10 meter 28 to 30 MHz. version of our 5/8 wave is now available!
Low band 30 to 50 MHz. models can also be custom ordered.

Be sure to check out the latest discounts on our specials page!

Dominator 1KW & 3KW - FM Broadcast Antennas

Dominator 6M  & 10M - 5/8 Wave 6 Meter or 10 Meter Antenna

Gain Information  - Facts About Gain

Polarization Information  - Polarization Information

Clone Information - Be aware of Imitations & How to tell the difference


For more information on antennas please Contact Us.


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